Tracking Food Trucks

The following is a solo project that I did as part of Springboard UX Design School.



I love food trucks. LOVE. I spent about 5-7 years living or working near a plethora of food trucks. When I took a job in a neighborhood of Philadelphia that one could consider a food desert, I spent one afternoon fruitlessly roaming around looking for a particular Jamaican food truck (since that was what I was craving...and the truck was supposed to be somewhere nearby). Frustrated and hungry, I ended up at Subway. 

When using food truck tracking apps, I experience the following frustrations: 

  • Incomplete & inaccurate listings
  • Limited features
  • A lack of cash to pay for food

Research Plan

I used Typeform to develop two surveys: one for the food truck diner and one for the operator. Very basic, the survey's purpose was to either disprove or validate my assumptions. The questions ranged from closed to open ended, mostly focusing on redesigning / improving on an already existing tracking app and inquiring about the appeal of certain features.  After the survey, I interviewed 6 of the survey takers.

Here you'll also find my competitive analysis of other tracking apps. 


hipster-bar-top.0.0 copy.jpg

Empathy Maps & User Personas

After the research (surveys and interviews), I created 3 empathy maps and user personas. This process allowed me to start thinking of the types of users that may use a food truck tracking app, as well as the users that wouldn't use this app. 



Now comes the fun part. The design process included wireframing, developing a prototype, as well as iterating and iterating and iterating.